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 Royce's fate (Entry 7)

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PostSubject: Royce's fate (Entry 7)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:23 am

Date: May 13th 1933

Dearest Diary
I have been a very busy lately, and a naughty girl. I know what you’re thinking, though, and you’re wrong. I was not socializing with higher class society…those days are over, thanks to him!

No, I have gone against the wishes of Carlisle & Esme to pursue my revenge. I have killed all of Royces friends. I took a few days rest after killing the four men involved with my rape & death.

I let the word spread to Royce, and he knew it was me. Carlisle & Esme asked me to let go of my vengance, and I told them no…Royce must pay. Edward actually tried to take the moral high ground and tell me what I was doing was wrong. I reminded Edward that he could not take the moral high ground himself, not after all the slip ups he has had.

I was new to this family….no amount of compassion, love or logic would reach me. I went to town and broke the window of one of the bridal boutiques.

I stole a wedding dress. It was beautiful and something I considered wearing. I loved the dramatic flare it gave. The bride from hell would exact her revenge and kill the one who stole EVERYTHING away from me. My life.

They could make this into a novel. After finding the dress I went to where Royce King was, and examined the place while I laid on a tree branch, drinking in the atmosphere.

Royce was afraid… I could smell it. I jumped from the tree branch landing soundlessly and glided into the house. I searched all the rooms and in one of the rooms I found two guards. The two men were not involved in my rape and death, but they had forsaken all claims to innocence when guarding this filth.

I broke both their necks effortlessly, of course, and entered the room. When I looked around I saw nothing at all, no windows or beds. The only thing in this room was an old chair & Royce sitting on the chair. Royce looked very scruffy and unkept. He turned to face me and stood up in fear, leaning against the wall.

Royce was surprised, of course. He asked if it was me and I did not say a word. I closed the door behind me and I took my revenge. Slowly I watched him cower in fear for at least an hour, he never stopped asking the obvious questions.

As he began to apologize, I snapped. I started by pinning him to the wall and throwing him to the floor. I began to break his body parts slowly, enjoying the sound of his pain and screams. I started out by breaking his wrist, so he could never hold another woman down. I Broke his jaw so he could never again speak his beautiful lies. I Broke both of his legs by stepping on his knees, so he could never again walk away from the crimes he did. Then I stepped on his organ and shattered his jewels forever, so Royce King could never again force himself on another woman.

I watched him cry in agony. He was still in nowhere near the amount of pain I went through, the sadistic ordeal he and his friends put me through. I sat on his chest and watched the fear and agony on his swim about his face. I could not help but smile.

My blood red eyes glanced at Royce and in that moment I thought of my human life and I realize that killing Royce would not turn back time and save me from being this immortal that I am. It would not save me from being unloved and barren. It would not give me what I wanted or needed, but I killed him anyway by stepping on his throat so he may never again inhale a single breath of life.

My revenge was finally complete. I returned to the Cullens and they had nothing to say. I did not care what they thought, either. I removed the wedding dress and wondered what to do with it. I thought about it carefully and realized this wedding dress was symbolic - it represented everything to do with who I was. I did not want to be me anymore, or have any reminders of Royce so I burnt the dress. I watched the flames go off and I said goodbye to the innocent and naive fool that I was.

I have embraced the new me, trying to figure out how I should think and feel, and all I could come up with was this: My name is Rosalie Hale, I have done horrible things & I have no regrets.

-Rosalie Hale
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Royce's fate (Entry 7)
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