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 New Sibblings (Entry 12)

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PostSubject: New Sibblings (Entry 12)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:29 am

Date: September 5th, 1950

Dearest Diary
It has been so long since I have written in this diary. The last time I wrote here was about some filthy mutts, but I digress, I need some time to reflect on the things that have gone by - but first let me catch you up with what has happened in our life.

We have two new additions to the family, they have just joined us and it’s amazing to have more of our kind here now. These two just popped up out of nowhere on our doorstep. They came by the house and made themselves right at home.

It went something along the lines of this: “Hello Carlisle, Esme. Emmett, Edward & Rosalie. My name is Alice, and this is my mate Jasper. We will be taking the room on the second floor.”

Well, Okay… it was not that informal, but still, it was strange. The female, Alice, has short black hair, and she is not tall, but has a lot of personality. She is very chirpy. She almost floats around like a pixie full of life. It’s a little annoying, actually.

Her mate Jasper is an unusual one. He is so very quiet that he makes Edward look like a chatterbox. I felt strange around Jasper. Seeing his scars made me nervous, but then, oddly, I began to unwillingly feel calm. I looked at his face and saw his half smile and felt bothered by it, then I felt calm again. Now that I am not around Jasper, I feel rather annoyed by him again.

Alice explained how she found us. She had a vision of us and in her vision we were all a very close family. We spent some time getting to know each other better by sharing our history with one another. We spent the rest of the day and evening in the living room trying our best to thoroughly understand each other. I was the first to leave so I could come back to my room here and explain everything to you, my diary.

Edward actually seems a little more lively as of late. A lot more than usual. I think he likes Alice - not in a romantic way, of course. Perhaps he is just curious. I personally find it all very annoying. I suspect it may be the after effect of Jasper’s gift.

Now onto what I’ve been up to since we got our new family members. Emmett and I are in a relationship and I love him with all my heart. When I look at him I see this light surrounding him and I am no longer afraid of anything. I am not afraid of the woman he is turning me into, I don’t know if I will ever like being a vampire, but I do know that as long as I have Emmett - there is still hope that I will adjust to what I’ve become.

I still hear Emmett’s voice even when we are not together. I still feel his touch when he is nowhere near. I pray for him to forgive my weakness, because without him I could not survive this new existence.

Whenever Emmett kisses me I feel like I am Icarus, his arms are my wings, while his heart is my sky. I wish I had the courage to tell this to him, but I am scared he would laugh at me. There are just some feelings that should not be shared. So I guess in short, my feelings for Emmett have only grown.

I am a little envious of Edward at this point. Just for five minutes I wish I could hear Emmetts thoughts and see how he feels about me. Just for five minutes…

Carlisle is still a doctor, working with the sick and saving lives. He says he is all but immune to the scent of human blood. I wonder if it would be hard for him to return to the hospital after taking a break. Would he have to get used to the scent of human blood again or would he be okay. There are so many questions I have about our kind, about vampires.

Esme seems to keep herself busy while Carlisle is at work. She keeps the house beyond spotless. I want to ask for Esme’s advice about something, but I am not sure how to approach her. I have recently been thinking of marrying Emmett. Of course he has yet to propose - I won’t push things, or manipulate the events to lead him to do it….we both know how that turned out for me last time.

What am I saying… Emmett would never do that to me. He loves me I am sure of it. Positive. You can see I why I need Esme’s advice, she is somewhat like a moral compass for me.

Now onto Edward. He seems to be a lot better since Emmett joined the family. I think he can relate to Emmett as a brother and have discussions that men have with one another. I imagine it would be difficult to chat to Carlisle about certain things. Carlisle is our father - there are just some things that cannot be verbalized to him.

Now that we have Jasper & Alice in our family, I think things will be better for Edward. He seems to have some sort of natural connection with Alice & Emmett and he likes Jasper a lot….

I need to go - Carlisle has just called me to the dining room. I think he wants to work on our cover story for Alice and Jasper, the newest additions to our family. I will write as soon as possible and tell you what’s going on.

~Rosalie Hale
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New Sibblings (Entry 12)
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