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 Christmas Shopping & Strange Behaviour (Entry 15)

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PostSubject: Christmas Shopping & Strange Behaviour (Entry 15)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:35 am

Date: December 20th, 1950

Dearest Diary
I have been obsessing for the last three months over what Emmett bought me when he went shopping with Alice & Edward. Let me catch you up on what happened. The devious trio returned from the shops with a lot of clothing and other things. Emmett told me that he bought me something. When I asked him what he bought me he would not tell me - he just had that perfect, childlike grin on his face and told me ‘not until Christmas,’ then kissed me on the forehead.

The wait was killing me so I came up with a plan. I asked Alice to come shopping with me and she accepted. During our shopping trip she told me not to bother and that she knew what I was going to ask. She refused to spoil the surprise. I asked Alice how she knew and of course, she had a vision. I could not help but feel frustrated. She is almost as bad as Edward with his mind reading abilities.

The shopping trip seemed to go alright Alice seems to know what everyone wants or needs either she saw it or it’s my suspicion she has been snooping around. I bet your wondering what I bought everyone

I bought Edward a black leather journal, and a few music books, mostly just piano song books. I know how he loves music. I bought Jasper some books on philosophy. Alice said he would love it. Speaking of the quirky little snoop, there was no point in trying to fool her. I bought her a bunch of clothing and a beautiful bracelet. I bought Carlisle a stack of books. Some were medical books, while the others were on history. I bought Esme a beautiful dress, the the most beautiful dress they had, and some expensive bottles of perfume. The good thing about buying a vampire perfume is that it lasts for such a long time. Our sense of smell is so incredibly sharp that we can’t stand to wear too much perfume. We already smell sweet, too. We have a natural odor that is quite appealing. Carlisle told me that we smell good so that we can attract our prey… humans.

What did I buy my gorgeous, beyond beautiful Emmett? A golden watch, all new sports equipment, lots of clothing & a beautiful silk piece of lingerie for him to see me in on Christmas day - although I bet the sports equipment will get him more excited. I personally don’t know what the big deal is about the game. I do play tackle football with Emmett sometimes just to let him tackle me. Thinking about the way Emmett and I play….it makes me crave him more, if that’s possible. My Monkey Man.

I should share something with you that Carlisle told me. He told me that the Ancient Greeks and Romans are known to have played many ball games. The Roman game harpastum is believed to have been adapted from a Greek team game known as “ἐðßóêõñïò” which is mentioned by a Greek playwright, Antiphanes. Carlisle is full of strange information which is why I bought him a book on human history… maybe there’s something new he can learn.

I returned home and caved in when Emmett asked me to let him open one of his presents early. How could I resist that beautiful angelic face? He is so adorable - it’s unfair of him to use his charm on me. Naturally Emmett went for the football. He is now rallying the family up and at this very moment I can hear him making bets with Jasper. I am glad he is happy.

I am a little worried though. There is something else I haven’t told you. Recently Esme and Emmett along with Alice have been going out quite a lot, just the three of them. They were acting quite secretive yesterday too. I asked them where they kept going and Esme answered quickly and without emotion: “hunting.” I asked If I could come, but Alice insisted I stay back to keep Edward company. You can imagine how much fun it is to spend time with Edward. He is incredibly serious all the time. He usually just sits and plays his piano, shutting the world around him off.

I have come up with a plan that I need to tell you quickly before Alice sees it and warns Emmett. I am going to make my own bet with Emmett today. If my team wins, then he has to tell me what him, Esme and Alice & he have been up to. If my team looses….then I will go catch his food for him for a week. That’s the plan….I can hear footsteps from the other room….it’s Alice and she’s on the move. I really need to go. Wish me luck.

~Rosalie Hale
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Christmas Shopping & Strange Behaviour (Entry 15)
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