Hello all members, I would like to wish you all a Marry christmas & Seasons greatings. I hope you have a happy holiday with friends and family.
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 Christmas Day (Entry 16)

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PostSubject: Christmas Day (Entry 16)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:37 am

Date: December 25th, 1950

A Magical day that I will hold close to my heart until the end of time and beyond.”

Dearest Diary
What can I say; today has been a magical day. It’s Christmas and I finally found out what Emmett bought me when he went shopping with Alice & Edward. It was an engagement ring!

I opened the present Edward bought me and surprise surprise, it was a portable mirror. I hid my disappointment with ease and thanked my brother and then Emmett said “Rose I have something for you,” and an unrecognizable grin crept over his face. I looked at him and in a flash he was in front of me on one knee with a black satin box sitting on his porcelain palm. He opened it and said these words to me:

“Rose I have loved you since the very first moment I saw you. It was you I was waiting for Rose. Your very presence brought me my salvation and true love. Honor me by being my wife and I vow that I will protect you & worship you for the rest of time. I love you.”

I looked at Emmett in complete shock, my eyes widened more than I thought possible. I knew my heart couldn’t beat, but I felt something strange… like I was numb from the shock, then joy. Endless joy coursed through my entire being.

I flickered my eyes between Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Alice & Edward who were watching. They all had a smile on their face, Edward’s was more of a crooked grin. I returned my gaze and saw Emmett’s eyes, his beautiful golden eyes. I nodded my head still in shock and whispered “yes.”

Emmett Stood up and lifted me into the air effortlessly and spun me around following that with a hug. I Hugged him back tightly, never wanting to let him go. We embraced and kissed passionately, not caring who was watching. Emmett grabbed my ring and flipped it over to show me the engraving on the inside. It read: “My love for you knows no limits.”

He placed the ring on my index finger and I smiled, a brilliant wide smile. I hadn’t felt my lips curl upward in quite some time… smiling felt good. I wanted to cry from joy, but vampires can’t cry. I refused to let go of my Emmett for the longest time. I never wanted this magical moment to end.

I did not care about how I was acting. I made no effort to suppress my thoughts or emotions from Edward & Jasper. I don’t think I could hide the thoughts and feelings I had at that moment. You can’t hide love. You can try, but your face will give it away. I had never felt anything so powerful in my entire existence.

Later on I found myself in the dining room with Alice & Esme, while the boys were out playing sports…. or something. I suddenly snapped out of my state of shock when Alice & Esme discussed when the wedding should take place. Alice wanted Valentine’s Day. I refused that date and Alice joked about me coming down from cloud nine.

I had the perfect day in mind, though. It would be March the 17th, Saint Patrick’s day. I remember Emmett telling me that was one of his favorite holidays as a human because of the drinking. I figured since Emmett made me feel like I had transcended every known realm of happiness on this day that I would spend the rest of my immortal life doing the same for him.

Alice naturally wanted her way and tried to convince me. I asked her to look into the future to see if she would get her way. I watched her frown and admit defeat. Alice, my sister, you may be determined, but I never give up once I have my heart and mind set on something.

Alice started planning the wedding with Esme, I gave them free rein on the wedding. The boys finally returned and I told Emmett of the date and as I smiled I saw his face brighten up too. He made a joke about getting drunk on blood and I could not help but think of a drunken Emmett. I had a flash of Royce drunk with his comrades and quickly suppressed it, my face stiffening up. I knew Emmett would never do what Royce and is friends did.

I also knew it was impossible for vampires to get intoxicated. The worst he could do is get bloated. The marriage is one of the things I am excited about, the other thing that has me excited is being intimate with Emmett. We have been together for a long time now, but I haven’t been with him in that way. I know I am not a virgin anymore; Royce and his friends made sure of that, but I wanted to do things the traditional way with my love, my Emmett.

I am not a sleazy woman. I am Rosalie Hale, a lady of class and elegance. Emmett & I have been waiting now for 15 years, although time is irrelevant when you’re an immortal. I am sure three months won’t kill us. I just hope I am ready for him. I want to show him how much I love him, I want to express my love for him with such passion that no force on earth could compare to.

I forgot to tell you about the outcome of the bet. Alice beat me to Emmett and warned him. The bet did not take place, but still, who would have thought someone so short and dainty could be so fast. Alice, my sister, you truly are an infuriating pixie.

This evening was also a magical one. I had no idea Emmett could be so romantic. I know now without a doubt he will surprise me for the rest of my life and I don’t mind that. Not at all.

I was standing outside watching the stars, admiring their eternal beauty when Emmett joined me. He hugged me from behind, his giant muscular arms made me feel safe and loved. We spoke a lot about the future and I commended him on his ability to surprise me with the beautiful engagement ring.

Emmett turned me gently to face him and asked me to dance with him. “There is no music, love,” I told him. He didn’t care and took my hand then together we started to dance. He whispered so softly to me that I could feel his breath against my ear: “Let’s dance like no one is watching and love like you have never been hurt before. Try to forget if you can and dance with me.”

I smiled wider than I had in my entire existence and began to dance with my love. Edward could obviously hear us because piano music began to play. Thanks, Edward. I closed my eyes, shutting out the rest of the world and together Emmett and I danced a traditional dance under the starry night sky.

We danced long after Edward stopped playing for us, well through the darkness. The snow began to sprinkle down on us, but we couldn’t feel the cold. I looked into Emmetts beautiful liquid gold eyes and I could see so much joy and depth behind them. I wondered what he saw what he looked into my eyes.

Eventually we stopped dancing. It was around 4 am. We had danced together for almost six hours. Emmett went to tease some bears and wake them up from their sleep. Jasper joined Emmett, he was thirsty. Edward went with them, but before he got out the door I stopped him to thank him with a hug. “Thank you so much for playing for us,” I thought to him, knowing he’d be reading my mind after that hug. I told him more than that. With Edward, I tend to express my gratitude more with my thoughts than I can with words.

After they left I sat on the couch, dazing out at the blank white walls and admiring my beautiful ring. In that that moment all I wanted to do was lose myself in Emmett.

I am waiting now for Emmett to return. The man who has given me a special day because I know now without a doubt I will never forget this day. Of Christmas’ yet to come, I will look back onto this magical day and smile. It was the best Christmas anyone could ask for.

~Rosalie Hale
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Christmas Day (Entry 16)
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