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 CountDown(Entry 18)

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PostSubject: CountDown(Entry 18)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:39 am

Date: March 16th, 1951

Dearest Diary
There are no words to describe my excitement. I am one day away from marrying the man I will love for eternity. Actually, it’s not even a day - the wedding is tomorrow at 11:00am, and right now it’s 9:00pm. I only have to wait fourteen hours.

Fourteen hours…I can’t wait. Even as a vampire the time seems to be going impossibly slow. Our friends, the Denali’s, have come down for the wedding, too. I invited them all because they are practically our family. We consider them our vegetarian cousins because like us, they abstain from human blood.

Carlisle, Edward, Jasper & Emmett have gone out hunting in preparation for tomorrow. Jasper is throwing their bachelor party afterwards. I don’t feel nervous about the bachelor party. Jasper is a true gentleman so I know there will be nothing inappropriate - much to Emmetts disappointment, I’m sure.

Esme, Alice & our guests are currently catching up. I had to excuse myself so I pretended I needed to check my dress for tomorrow. I have no doubt Alice saw through that lie. I have been planning to make some excuse up all night just so I could come and write to you.

I enjoy having the Denali’s over and it’s nice to catch up with them. I strongly believe Tanya has feelings for Edward.

I was watching Edward & Tanya’s as they interacted. They have a playful banter going on. Tanya said something subtle about Edward and Edward rebuttaled by calling Tanya a succubus. I was thankful for Tanya taking it in good nature when she replied “I am the original succubus, Edward,” with a flirtatious wink. This looks good so far. I hope they get together. I don’t mind Tanya at all. She is a playful and loyal woman. Very insightful, too.

I think I will have to try to teach Edward some tact one of these days. He is always so rude and moody. I mean how does Edward expect to court a lady when he is rude? I just hope something works out between Tanya & Edward. I really do. I tried making plans to bring those two together, but Alice, of course, being the opinionated pixie that she is told me my plans would not work out. I intend to prove her wrong, however… if that’s possible. Alice’s visions are subjective, after all. I am going to set those two up even if it kills me….again. I will have to find sometime tomorrow, perhaps at the reception, to begin my plan.

I really can’t believe it. The moment I have been waiting for is almost here. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by how much time flies, but I can’t help it. Vampires view time differently than humans do. For us, we see years how humans see days.

I wonder what’s going on in Emmetts head right now. Is he feeling excited? Is he feeling nervous? I know I am nervous, but not like with Royce. I have no doubts about marrying Emmett. My nervousness stems from wondering if Emmett will make it on time. Or what if he changes his mind and decides he doesn’t love me like I love him. NO Emmett loves me as much as I love him. I feel it. He will be there on time and spotless. If Jasper & the other boys make him late I will make them suffer. Hell hath no fury like Rosalie Hale - and they know that.

I just realized I forgot to tell you the important details about the wedding. We are getting married in a small church, then we are coming back home for the reception where we will celebrate however it is vampires celebrate. Later, Emmett and I are going to go hunting together to put out any fire that may have started in our throats.

Just between us, I am finding it very hard to be away from Emmett right now. In the past 15 years we have never been apart for this long and I feel uneasy. But looking at the beautiful engagement ring on my pale, stone hard finger makes it feel like he is with me in spirit. This ring is a symbol of the immortal, undying love we have together. As long as I have this ring, Emmett is always with me.

I’m embarrassed to share the vows I wrote for Emmett, but here you go:

My dearest Emmett, before I met you I had lost my faith in love & in men. I believed that no man could be trusted, but that changed drastically when I met you. From the moment I heard your voice and saw you, your beauty almost blinding to me, I felt drawn to you. You brought me alive from the hollow shell that I dying inside of. It was your tight embrace that sheltered me from the world and protected me from any harm. Your kindness that showed me the light and your faith that reignited mine. I had lost my faith in love, but now I believe again - and it’s because of you. Emmett, you have impacted my life in such a positive way and I will be eternally grateful. You have turned me into a new being. I promise to love, honor and tend to you for the rest of our lives. I will be your strength, just as you have become mine, and with this ring I pledge that I will walk beside you as your friend, you’re lover and partner. I love you, always.

I thought about my vows for a long time. There is so much more I want to say, but it would literally take hours to tell Emmett exactly how much I love him. I hope Emmett understand how much I love him.

I think it’s best I go for now. Alice just called me and asked if there was something wrong with the dress. I told her everything was fine. I do have guests all the way from Alaska, so I should go and spend time with my family and work on my plan to get Edward and Tanya together. The sooner I get this all over and done with, the sooner I get to see Emmett again and of course, become Mrs. Emmett Cullen.

~Rosalie Hale
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CountDown(Entry 18)
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