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 Wedding day Bliss (Entry 19)

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PostSubject: Wedding day Bliss (Entry 19)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:41 am

Date: March 17th, 1951

Dearest Diary
I have had the most perfect day imaginable. The wedding was beautiful, magical. The sky was dark and cloudy. It looked almost eerie. We thought it was going to rain, which would have been fine with me. Immortality has brought me to appreciate the cloudy weather, the rain. It’s the only time we, as vampires, can come out without glittering like thousands of embedded diamonds.

The boys were late, naturally. I have no idea how and why they would risk being late, but it didn’t matter. Esme, Alice, Tanya, Irina, Kate & I were playing cards in the private room. They were chatting away trying to keep me distracted, they thought I was worried. I wasn’t. I know Emmett and I have undying faith in him. He would never stand me up. I would wait a thousand years for him if I had to.

However, Jasper, Edward & Carlisle are in big trouble. As soon as I caught the boys scent I thought in my head to my brother Edward: “You’re all in big trouble.” I knew Edward was in range of my thoughts because I could hear his whispers. “She’s furious at us,” he said, his voice a mere mumble. I heard a soft chuckle and recognized it was Emmett. Hearing his laugh made me smile sheepishly as I imagined that cheeky grin plastered on his beautiful face. I could never stay mad at Emmett, ever. Especially when I saw that cheeky grin, and heard that angelic laughter of his.

We finished up the card game as the guys finally made it in - then, the moment arrived. Alice chimed, almost sung the words “It’s time,” her lips curling up on one side.

Esme was my maid of honor. Alice & Tanya were also in my bridal party. I must admit, having Tanya in my bridal party was phase one of my plan o get her with Edward. Phase two involved throwing the boutique of flowers in Tanya’s direction for her to catch. Phase three is Edward & Tanya dancing at the wedding reception back home.

The ceremony was breathtakingly beautiful. Beyond words. Hearing Emmetts vow made me cry without tears. If it were possible for me to still cry, to feel as a human feels - I know I would have been bawling. His vows made my heart feel like the fleshy, beating muscle it once was… only weaker somehow.

These were his vows to me:

My gorgeous Rosalie. I am here because I want to be your husband, your protector, your best friend and your eternal lover. I have done a lot of wrong things in my life and made many mistakes before you, my beloved Rosalie, showed me the right path to follow. In return, I will follow you forever. Your angelic smile saved me from who I was and who I would have become. I am not afraid to die protecting you, Rosalie, because I love you more than life itself and I will walk beside you for the rest of eternity. I will be devoted to you, and faithful, always. I love you.

I had to pick my jaw back up before I could begin my vows. The love in Emmett’s eyes, those warm liquid golden eyes, left me feeling winded… without words.

I spoke my vows, finally, and everyone initially looked dumbfounded by them. I kept wondering what they were expecting me to say. I’m thinking they were expecting something along the lines of: “Hello, I am Rosalie. I’m beautiful and you’re lucky to have me.”

The minister announced Emmett and I us officially husband and wife, then we kissed with a passion so intense I forgot where I was for a quick moment. Emmett wrapped his huge muscular arms around my waist and moved his hands slowly down to my backside. I pulled back with a smile and moved his hands up then told him to save it for the honeymoon. Naturally he had that mischievous smile on his face, and I moved in to kiss him again.

Emmett and I ran out of the church together then we stopped at the front to hug each other and scream “We did it!” I felt something drop onto my head I prayed it wasn’t pigeon droppings. When I looked up I saw that it began to rain. Emmett and I looked at each, smiling, then kissed in the rain while getting completely soaked.

I looked into Emmett’s beautiful eyes and saw complete joy, contentment. “I love you Mr. Cullen,” I whispered into his ear. “Not as much as I love you Mrs. Cullen,” he whispered back. I would have to return to being called by Hale, of course, just to keep up pretenses, but regardless - I am his and he is mine. We are husband and wife. Forever.

Alice, of course, was getting a little insistent about throwing the bouquet of flowers, so I reluctantly let go of Emmett and focused on the girls as they all huddled together. To my surprise, Esme joined the group. Confused, I asked Esme why she joined. “Someone has to teach you beginners how it’s done,” she said boldly, a smile dancing across her face.

I smiled and took in a large unnecessary breath then looked at Tanya carefully, making a mental note of what angle to aim for. I turned away from them and threw the bouquet of flowers over my head, cringing, hoping the right girl would catch them.

I was surprised at Alice. I never thought someone so short could be so merciless. She pushed Irina and Tanya out of the way and caught the bouquet. I folded my arms and tapped my foot impatiently, raising one eye brow at her. Alice’s smug smile gave away that she was sabotaging me on purpose. I am sure of it.

The reception was beautiful. Edward gave a speech and it too was beautiful. Esme gave her own speech, which was truly gorgeous. I loved it more than words can explain. Emmett and I had the first dance together, before my plan finally came together.

Edward & Tanya had to dance together since they were both best man & one of my bride maids. I was sad to see Edward had shown no interest in Tanya, at all. I looked at Alice as she had an “I told you so” grin on her face. Looks like Alice is always right.

The entire night was magical, like a fairytale, regardless of my plan not working out. The Denali’s are staying for a few more days. They are currently talking to everyone while I am in my room…..Emmett just called me. He told me he has a surprise for me. I need to go for now, I don’t want to be rude. I will make sure to tell you all what Emmett’s surprise it. I love surprises.

~Rosalie Cullen
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Wedding day Bliss (Entry 19)
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