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 A perfect Night (Entry 20)

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PostSubject: A perfect Night (Entry 20)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:45 am

Date: March 18th, 1951

Dearest Diary
Everything has become so clear to me, the fog has finally lifted. It all makes sense to me now. Remember back in December when I told you that Emmett, Esme & Alice had been going out a lot? Sometimes Edward and Jasper, too? I finally figured out where they have been going. It turns out that they have been building a house for Emmett and I, as a wedding gift.

That was Emmett’s surprise for me. I couldn’t have anticipated this. I know it’s just a house, and when you’re one of us… frozen, you live forever and can afford all the luxuries the world has to offer - but it feels more special having a house built just for you. It’s about the love that went into it. It’s beautiful, too.

The house has two floors and a standard kitchen, which is only necessary to make us seem normal, human. The most amazing room is the living room. It has twelve foot ceilings and rare works of art on each wall. For the most part the house is still empty because they knew I would want to fix it up myself. I’m picky…. maybe a little captious.

I love everything about the house and thanked my family profusely. I playfully punched Emmett’s arm when I realized he was in on it. Right after the grand tour, Emmett and I moved our belongings into our new house. It didn’t take us long. Having inhuman strength is always very handy.

After Emmett and I finished moving in, we offically began our first night as husband and wife. We kissed with such depth, such passion. I felt like we were drinking each other in. Then, Emmett kissed me so delicately… almost as though he were handling a weak, fragile human. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he would resume kissing with passion, with strength… but somehow, it still seemed so delicate. He was always so careful.

Emmett slowly, hesitantly, began to undress me from the outfit Alice basically forced me to wear, and kissed my neck softly, his soft lips traveling up my neck and onto my chin. I removed his clothing carefully and slowly, as if I were unwrapping a present and trying to preserve the wrapping paper.

We consummated our love for the first time and it was beyond amazing. It made me feel like an emotionally weak human. I loved it. I never knew I had it in me to feel so much, to feel so alive… even though I’m frozen, dead. I will never get a second chance at life - a real life, but Emmett has brought me back from the darkness that once consumed me. He has brought me closer to feeling, to living, than I thought possible.

Emmett and I spent the next day bathing in our love for each other. We laughed, threw the football in the backyard, talked for hours about our wedding. We talked about our future - our eternity together. We held each other and flirted like teenage lovers. We kissed, and made love. We broke the bed. Well, Emmett broke the bed. I was laying down, wearing my favorite pink lingerie and reading. Emmett took a run for the bed, hoping to land on top of me to give me a huge bear hug… but we landed on the floor instead, the bed making one swift thud noise as it gave out. We couldn’t stop laughing.

Eventually Emmett and I got dressed and went to go visit Carlisle, Esme and the others. They weren’t surprised to see us. Alice told them we were coming. As soon as we got in the house Edward made a face that reminded me of a human who just drank sour milk. He could hear Emmett’s thoughts… which I imagined were about breaking the bed…and me in my pink lingerie.

“Please, Emmett…. Rosalie, try to think of something else. I don’t need to know how you spent your evening, or which pieces of furniture were harmed in the making of your magical night,” Edward hissed, refusing to look at either of us.

Emmett smirked. He seemed to be proud of himself - like breaking the bed was an accomplishment. I will never forget Carlisle & Esme’s shocked expressions when Edward spilled the details of our night. Alice did not look surprised, which made me wonder for a half second if she was a peeping visionary. Jasper was hunting with Irina & Kate. Tanya, on the other hand heard everything and had a mixed expression making its way across her face. She was impressed, and a little envious. I wondered if she thought about Edward in that way.

Carlisle & Esme volunteered to repair any damage we created in the new house. Esme seemed a pleased to help. She loves redecorating. I volunteered to help, but Emmett said we wouldn’t be around to help. With the most brilliant smile he whispered in my ear: “We’re going on our honeymoon as soon as we leave here, beautiful.”

That was unexpected. I asked him about clothing and Alice bolted out to her bedroom and returned with two suitcase of clothing. I was beginning to get used to all these surprises, but each surprise still amazes me. It’s not the gifts, it’s truly the effort. The fact that when I’m not around, Emmett is still thinking about me. He’s always coming up with new ideas to make me smile, make me happy.

I quickly returned home to pick you, my dear, trustworthy diary, up. I said there was something I could not leave behind. He didn’t pry. I also asked Emmett where we were going, but as usual he did not tell me, claiming it was a surprise. I really need to go now. I need to get back to Carlisle’s house and put you in my suitcase, then go hunting with Emmett, then back to Carlisle’s to collect our suitcases and venture out on our honeymoon. I will write to you as soon as we arrive.

~Rosalie Cullen
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A perfect Night (Entry 20)
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