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 A second Chance

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PostSubject: A second Chance   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:51 am

Salvation from a god...I think i may convert from athiesm
Date: April 28, 2009

Dear Diary
Salvation comes at the most inconvenient times so it seems. I was set in committing suicide I had a few ideas if I was going to kill myself I wanted to do it in the most destructive...traumatic creative way possible I finally thought about how to do it my plan was to go to the host house wait until the freaks go to their house of worship, then I would cut my wrist and use my blood to paint satanic symbols on their walls and write out all sorts of dark and twisted stuff. So on my way there I walked across the street and some asshole bumped into me and I dropped my bag and guitar case. I bent down picking up my gutar case and something happened I heard the engine of a car came towards me and I looked up to see a red sports car driving at an incredible speed it seemed this was how I would meet my death as some jerk's Road kill. I waited for sweet oblivion I made no effort to run or jump out of the way, I wondered if it would hurt either way nothing compares to loosing your child so it probably wouldn't hurt that much. Something happened I felt something hard like cement smash into me all I saw was a flash and then everything went dark.

I woke up in a beautiful room the surroundings was so elegant and classy I saw a tall dark and handsome man with black shades looking at me it was like he was waiting for me to wake up I asked him what happened and he told me he saved my life. He tackled me out of the way of the car, but because he did that I hit the ground hard and got knocked out from the impact. He brought me to his holiday home to recover. It seemed I slept the entire afternoon and night. He introduced himself to me "Brian Jacobson" I also introduced myself and we spoke for a while he told me what he did for a living. He owned several mining companies and lived in New York City, I told him about me being a foreign exchange student from Seattle that's about it and i was staying with religious cultist. He is a very strange man and very nosey too I wanted to whack him with my guitar case and tell him to stop being so inquisitive, I asked him where my guitar was and he told me he couldn't save it.

Brian he looked at me and smiled he said I was a strange person, I asked him why and he said; "because you haven't even thanked me yet for saving you" I replied and told him "who said I wanted to be saved." He became serious and exused himself he went out and brought food back and insisted I eat.

I asked him if he would like to join me and split the food. He ordered so much food it was like he was that wicked witch that wanted to eat the hobo kids....what were their names, I can't remember the story that well it was about two kids finding a candy house or something. Brian turned me down and said " I am on a special diet." I found it strange the guy was practically a god, I found it odd that I had these thoughts about Brian a man whom I just met. These feelings were not natural to me, I don't know if I can describe the way I feel. During my meal Brian surprised me with an amazing offer he said he wanted to take care of me and offered me a job as his Secretary. ok I get no overtime, but I would get double pay on holidays he wants to pay me $50 an hour. He asked me not to be afraid and promised that he was not a psycho, but I didn't care either way...I wanted death so I see this as a win win situation If he turns out to be a psycho he will probably kill me and I will feel nothing....If he is the real deal...maybe things will change. I accepted, but I made my own condition which surprised him I told him I would work any days & hours with one exception I wanted May 4th to myself I just wanted to be alone and grieve for the tragic injustice inflicted on me and I knew I would not be able to compose myself on that day. He wanted to know why I wanted that day off and I told him it was private, he still wanted to know. I told him something bad happened to me and I just wanted to be alone on that day it was the first time I came close to telling anyone about Jayne.

He did not want anymore specifics after that Brian left saying he had some business stuff to do, he told me to get myself ready when he would get back he would take me to collect my things I am to stay with him in the guest room. So here I am now in the guest room sitting on the bed and writing in you....the front door opened, Brian's back I have to go and collect my things from the cult place i'm staying at it looks like I won't have to put out for a cheeseburger after all.

~ Sarah

A snapshot of Brian


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A second Chance
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