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 Brian's gift

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PostSubject: Brian's gift   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:55 am

A good Day with Brian
Date: may 1st, 2009

Dear diary

Not much has happened after I finished writing in you Brian came in and we went to pick up my clothing and documents. It was pretty uneventful the cultist were out at their cult gathering worshiping their god. I collected all my stuff and Brian was there helping me he examined the cross that was super glued over my bed and shook his head and rolled his eyes up. We went back to his place and got to know each other. The next day he took me out shopping for office clothing the colors were grey and black I did not mind the dark colors it suited me. He told me I looked hot and I flipped him off he chuckled and resumed in looking for clothing for me. I continued to look for clothing and approached me he told me I would look even better once I removed my goth makeup I looked at him surprised and told him I had no intentions of removing my makeup or hair dye for anyone. He told me "no employer of mine is going to look like a clown" I laughed in his face and told him there was nothing he could do about it, how I presented myself had no mention in the contract I signed. He looked over the contract on his Ipad and swore in some quick tongue it made me curious how he spoke so fast.

He told me that I won this around, I actually smiled and told him it would not be the last time. I heard him mumble "we will see about that." He wanted to pay for all the clothing, but I did not allow him I used the money I had saved up and paid for the expensive clothing. I climbed into his car and he told me I looked frightful with my goth makeup so unattractive and frightful I told him the only thing frightful was Justin Beiber singing. He looked at me confused like he did not know anything about the little parasite that was tainting the name of artist & giving people even more reason to hate Canada. I told Brian about Justin the boy that was forgotten by puberty. He was skeptical that anyone could be that annoying and such a bad singer I intended to prove him wrong and that I did. Once we returned home I went onto youtube and looked up the Beiber kid and played his music on the computer. I looked at Brian and he hissed violently he covered his ears with his hands and hissed even more he snarled at me telling me to turn it off. I smiled and let it play a little longer I asked him if my appearance was still frightful and he shook his head. That was another victory for me I turned off the music and he grumbled "whoever gave that child a singing contract should suffer in his own personal layer of hell" I smiled again and looked away.

I felt so strange I don't understand what this emotion is why am I feeling this...I exused myself and told Brian I needed some time alone. I went for a walk to clear my head when I returned Brian surprised me he gave a gift it was wrapped and everything. I opened the wrapping paper to see it was a black guitar case and when I opened the case my jaw dropped when I saw the beautiful Guitar. I was in shock and I hugged Brian and thanked him I was surprised at how cold and hard his body was...it was like hugging a wall or a statue he wrapped his hands around me in a hug "it's no problem babygirl" I was surprised by the nickname Brian had given me I wondered if he liked me? I pretended not to notice and slowly let go he removed his stone cold arms from my sides "will you play something for me." I looked at him surprised by his request and bit on my lip I had always been shy playing my own material in front of people.

Brian had given me this beautiful guitar so I owed it to him to play and play I did. I performed for him and played the guitar he looked at me in awe and he said to me in these words "you are amazing, hearing you perform...It's so inspiring" I blushed scarlet red as he complemented me my stomach growled and Brian excused himself to go get takeout. I have to go now I just heard Brian's car pull in the driveway.

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Brian's gift
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