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 The Police Cheif's Daughter (Entry 24)

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PostSubject: The Police Cheif's Daughter (Entry 24)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:55 am

Date January 18th, 2005

The entire world has turned upside down for some plain human girl

Dearest diary,

It has been nearly fifty four years since I made my last entry - when I wrote about my evening with my Mother Esme. It has been a long time since I have written anything down, mainly because I’ve been consumed with Emmet and because us Cullen’s and Hales are like boulders in a river, never changing. Not enough has happened to comment on here, we never change but we see those around us aging and dying.

I kept my promise and put Royce and that night behind me. I haven’t forgotten, but have turned my focus to my love, my lover, Emmet. He has supported and put up with me and loved me back all these years.

We are currently living with Carlisle and Esme pretending to be ‘just dating’ again to keep up our cover story.

I still remember our first magical wedding night. I smile at the memories of what we got up to. We have since been married many times over the years and do so every couple of years just to recommit ourselves to each other forever. Emmett is my mate and my best friend and I love him with every ounce of my existence.

We are never really far apart from each other. It’s almost as though we are joined at the hip. The only gripe I have with Emmett is that he cheats at baseball.

Carlisle is still with Esme, of course, and uses his immortality to care for people. He heals the suffering of humanity. He works at Forks, WA hospital. I admire Carlile’s restraint; the hospital is saturated with the smell of sweet, enticing blood all the time, yet he has the strength to do no harm whatsoever. He is an amazing man, and father.

Esme she is still the same and a lovely mother. She has not changed one bit, either. She spends her time redecorating the house and making new plans to redecorate the other houses we have all over the world. She likes to buy real estate all over the globe, then fix it up to nearly perfection. Her decorating skills admirable.

Alice and Jasper spend a lot of time together, too. They are undeniably cute together, perfect. Jasper likes to study philosophy. My poor brother, he still finds it incredibly difficult to be around humans - Alice of course makes it easier for him; she mothers over Jasper, helps him. She never judges him and she prevents him from doing anything he might regret.

Alice and I spend a great deal of time together, actually. We bond over shopping and fashion and sometimes we go to the movies together, just the two of us. It’s easy because the theatre is dark. We always hunt before being in confined spaces with humans. That’s another way Alice and I bond, we hunt together quite frequently.

Jasper & Emmett tend to have an instinct to head for the hills when Alice and I go shopping together. The good thing about being vampires, though, is that we are incredibly patient. When the guys do come with us, the time goes by so quickly for them that it’s not completely unbearable like it might be for a human.

Edward is still the same. Unchanging.Very lifeless in some ways - no pun intended. He prefers his own company. I feel sorry for him and have tried many times in the past to help him, but how can I help someone who won’t help themselves? Edward is set in his ways and it’s not just us noticing this, but the humans too.

Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Edward and I are going to high school in Forks, Washington. Emmett and I are in our last year of high school. We are currently talking about moving away from Forks after we finish here. We have a house in Africa and Emmett wants whatever I want, whatever makes me happy - so it should not take too long to decide.

Of course, its a great distance from our family. It’s easier to keep in contact with the invention of cell phones and internet. Although it seems like lately, every time Emmett gets a new cell phone, he breaks it, crushes it in his hand by accident.

I don’t mind high school. I enjoy seeing all the girls self-esteem drop ten points when they see how beautiful I am. It’s quite amusing to see their reactions, particularly that of Jessica Stanley. She is such an annoying little pest, always fawning over my brother Edward. She stopped crushing on him when she finally realized that he was ignoring her and moved onto some Newton guy. I know I sound cold and detached, but humans worry about the most insignificant things. Crushes, which girls look prettier than they do… etc. There are more important things to be concerned with, really. I guess even I had to be become an immortal to realize that myself.

I can see Jessica for what she is, though. She is a social climber. She will do anything to become popular and get noticed. I won’t let anyone use my brother, especially not her. She just wants to be with the guy every other girl in school wants to be with to prove she’s the best.

Now that I have you up to speed, let me tell you about today. I have become greatly infuriated. It started at school when some human called Edward “emo”. (Emo is an informal word used to describe expressions. In this case, it means he is emotional and it’s often used as an insult). I quickly sorted that human out and asked him kindly not to insult my brother… ever again.

Then I heard some boys talking about a new girl in school. Her name is Isabella Swan I believe - the Police Chief’s daughter. The entire morning all I heard was gossip and whispers about her. It was weird for me to be out of the spotlight. Everyone used to talk about me and fawn over me. I must admit, I was quite curious to see this Swan girl.

Finally, the bell for lunch went off and the five of us walked to the lunch room together. Unfortunately the world has not changed enough to serve animal blood as an option in the cafeteria, but we go there just to keep up pretences.

Emmett and I walked in first. I held his hand and walked with my usual confidence. My monkey man was beside me and that’s my number one source of confidence. On the way to our table I saw her…the Swan girl. I didn’t see what the big deal was, at all. She seemed rather plain to me.

Emmett and Edward began to chatter amongst themselves. I looked to Alice and Jasper and they seemed to be perfectly happy amongst themselves chatting away, so I chose to think about my own brilliance.

I heard Emmett ask Edward what the new girl thought about us and I have to admit I was excited to hear Edward’s response. It’s always interesting hearing what the humans think of us.

I watched Edward’s reaction carefully. He seemed confused. “This is not good,” he finally answered. “I can’t hear her thoughts.” He began to look annoyed more than anything. I was literally shocked - that has never happened before, that I know of. Edward always heard everyone’s thoughts, always. His gift never failed… until today.

I quickly built up my wall around Edward just like I always did. I hid my thoughts from him, by thinking of myself.

School finally finished and when we got to the car, Edward seemed strange. He was eager to go. He stopped the car at the path to our home and told us to get out in a less than friendly tone. I was confused and concerned about Edward. We got out like he asked, and he sped off. Alice told us everything, though. She had a vision of Edward standing in Swan girls kitchen. The Swan girl was dead with no blood left in her.

My poor brother. I asked Alice where Edward was, and she told me he was heading to see the Denali’s in Alaska. I just don’t understand how he could react so badly to this Swan girl. She looks plain and her scent, well… it’s a little appealing. I don’t like this Swan girl and she is going to be trouble for us. I can just feel it.

I am going to go now, I want to call Edward. Hopefully this time he will answer me, but knowing him, he won’t. Like I said a thousand times, he has no tact, but still he is my brother and I have to try.

Wish me luck .

~Rosalie Hale
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The Police Cheif's Daughter (Entry 24)
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