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 The Volturi

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PostSubject: The Volturi   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:57 am

Working on my birthday....seriously weak
Date: may 5th, 2009

Dear Diary
Today was an interesting day right after I finished writing in you I went back to sleep and the entire night Brian slept beside me he had his cold arms wrapped around me and refused to let go. I never did figure out what the strange sensation was. I woke up and saw Brian still had me in his tight grip. I looked back to see his beautiful face he was smiling. Seeing Brian's smile made me smile I managed to get out of Brian's bear hug and climbed out of bed slowly. My entire body was aching it felt like I spent the entire day at the gym getting a work out. I got dressed into my office clothing and snuck out of the bedroom to let Brian get a little more sleep. While I waited for him to wake up I did the cleaning and dishes just to stop myself from thinking about yesterday did I have regrets about having sex with Brian...no, but still I did not want to think about it because I wasn't ready to process or even contenplate my feelings for my roommate/boss. I sat in the lounge room and played some notes on my new guitar a gift that was from Brian. I hummed a melody and felt something cold touch my neck Brian whispered into my ear "good morning babygirl" I stopped and turned my head to see him I said good morning back he was surprised to see I did not put my make up on and asked where it was I told him I had no need for it anymore.

Brian smiled and he complemented my singing he told me that felt inspired by listening to me play I blushed and thanked him he excused himself to get ready for work. I stood up and went to my room to grab my wallet I was grateful that Brian did not bring yesterday up hopefully if I was lucky he wouldn't bring it up at all. I mean yesterday was a beautiful experience with Brian, but it was odd I mean for one thing he sucked my blood....ewww, but it felt so good too I can't explain it and another thing my entire body ache's I have bruises and well it hurts. Brian returned and he noticed the bruises on my wrist for the first time and he muttered something so low I could not hear it. Brian and I left the house and we went to down to Volterra he explained that his company was actually in New York City I was surprised when he told me we leave in two days for New York I asked Brian about the place we were staying at now and he told me it was his vacation home. It was a lot to take in really, but that was nothing compared to what happened later that day Brian and I went to this underground place it was like under the streets of Volterra and it was magnificent I have never seen such a beautiful place. Brian made me carry this silver brief case and he told me about the people we were about to deal with these people were called the Voltori they were very rich and eccentric I was to speak only when spoken to and if the one known as Aro wanted to touch me I was to let him and not hesitate. I thought it was very strange, but I said nothing and made sure to remember the rules he had set out for me. We were finally permitted to enter the meeting room and I saw three men sitting on what looked like thrones there were two children on both sides of the man who sat in the middle. The first thing I noticed was that they were all pale and well beautiful. The man in the middle stood from his seat and approached Brian and I, he glided across the ground in an elegant fashion.

Brian greeted the man named Aro and instructed me to open the brief case and I did as I was told inside were three magnifecent Rings they were gifts for the brothers. I kind of embarrassed myself when I sneezed that was the first time that anyone noticed me. I had five sets of black eyes watching me Brian seemed nervous he stood beside me and took the empty brief case from my hand Aro approached me he got really close and he stroked my cheek I almost told him to step back if he wanted to keep his hand, but I showed restraint the man chuckled and stepped back after a few moments he took me by surprise when he looked at Brian and asked if he could have me. Brian declined Aro politely and Aro looked disappointed he then said that I would be gifted if he turned me....I don't understand what he meant. The blond haired brother folded his arms impatiently while the other one who looked lifeless started to look at me intently. I nervously stepped back until I was leaning on the wall Brian continued to converse with two of the brothers and the two children. I looked away from the brown haired brother and started to hum a melody it was a nervous habit of mine.

The lifeless one gasped and stood up he walked towards me and the Brian the two brothers and the children looked towards me...they were shocked too as the lifeless one took my hand and kissed it I was surprised at how cold his touch was almost like Brian's. I blushed feeling the kiss of the stranger and Aro joined the lifeless one and I followed by Brian Aro made me a strange offer. He told me he could give me all my hearts desire if I joined his guard. I looked at Brian confused he seemed worried and I looked back to Aro and respectfully declined I was happy with Brian. Aro seemed disappointed and Marcus let go of my hand he looked at Brian and then to me and told Brian to look after me....this was all starting to get creepy even by my standards and that next time he visited them he was to bring me along too Brian nodded and spoke "of course." We finally left and I was grateful I was creeped out by the entire thing as soon as we were in the car I asked Brian what that was all about and he told me he would explain later I guess he was in shock over the events that happened too.

Brian dropped me off back home and told me he was going to grab us dinner so I came inside and saw that my room now had a new door Brian must have had someone to come and install one while we were at the Voltori people's place. So here I sit in my room now writing in you and wondering what the hell happened today there is something i was missing, but what is it I am missing. This was one interesting way to spend my 18th Birthday I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

~Sarah Frost
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The Volturi
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