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 Overwhelming scent

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PostSubject: Overwhelming scent   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:58 am

I think I might be messed up in the head.
Date: may 15th, 2009

Dear Diary

My world has completely changed in ten days I don't know where to begin. I should start from where I left off Brian came home he asked me out and I said yes our first date was so much fun. Brian and I went out to the movies and we saw Terminator Salvation it was a pretty good movie Brian of course seemed to have other things on his mind during the movie he placed his hand on my leg and moved it up....he went past my underwear and I began to blush he chuckled and said I smelt good when I blush...that seriously confused me after the movie Brian took me out to dinner and then we went home and we made love well into the night. Like I said previously the man has stamina. I woke up again saw with bruises Brian of course slept next to me with his hand on my right breast and his arm resting on my chest. I noticed Brian's touch was always cold and his skin so hard I did some research and this site suggested that it might be poor blood circulation. Being with Brian I found myself finding more and more questions, but never did I get the answers instead I only got more questions the other day I asked Brian what Aro meant by "joining his guard" he told me that Aro's English was bad that he sometimes got words confused I knew that was a load of crap because Aro spoke fluent English hell he probably speaks better English than me. I pressed on and Brian explained that what Aro's offer was to come work for his company. I asked what Aro's company did. He told me it was goverment related and then told me to drop it. I dropped it and we went out again on another date.

Brian and I have also left Volterra and we are now living outside of New York at a beach house get this. He owns the beach around the house so no one is allowed on it. It's totally bizzare I took a photo of the house and I am gluing it into you at the bottom of the page. Brian and I went out into town last night it was so amazing you really need to see New york at night time. The beautiful lights from all the buildings it was like the city was alive I was totally stunned I felt like a child on Christmas morning seeing the pile of presents in front of me. Speaking of presents Brian totally went overkill when he found out that I did not tell him it was my birthday he ranted then finally asked me what my favourite color was I told him it was purple later that day this beautiful car was delivered on our doorstep I also took a photo of it and glue it below. I told Brian it was too much and there was no way that I could accept such an extravagant gift. He looked looked at me really hurt and pouted I did not want to hurt Brian so I accepted the gift and he returned to his happy self.

I also noticed now that Brian and I are dating he has been trying to spend endless amount of money on me trying to spoil me. he finally told me I should quit working that he would take care of me. I told him to keep dreaming I am not dependent on anyone I support myself. Brian threatened to fire me and I threatened to sue for unfair dismissal and he said he would settle. The entire time he had this cocky grin on his face he had one this battle and he knew it. I pleaded with him not to fire me that I enjoyed working for him and he caved in. The entire thing, however, turned out to be an uncecessary discussion due to the fact Brian was forced to fire me today. I sort of snapped at work today Brian had a Client waiting in the waiting room and Brian told me to go make the guy coffee and I did. I went to give the coffee to the man and he stood up and started hitting on me. Normally I would have just walked away, but something was different he had this smell...this scent it was so enticing. The guy cupped my ass with his hand and I didn't move the scent of this guy was just too appealing to realize what he had just done.

I only came to my senses when Brian coughed and I snapped out of the daze I looked at the guy and pushed his hands away calling him a sleaze and he told me to bite him and walked away towards Brian's office. I did not really hear that because I was getting lost in the guys scent again. The next thing I knew I had Brian holding me back in a bear hug while the man who grabbed my ass was on the ground screaming and holding his hand to his neck calling me a crazy bitch. Brian fired me on the spot and I had no reason why. He had the secretary drive me home and on the way home I asked her what happened. She nervously told me that I tackled the client and bit his neck. I can't believe I did that what's wrong with me. I have to go Brian will be home from work soon i'm kind of afraid I don't want to see him get mad at me.

~Sarah frost
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Overwhelming scent
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