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 Exposed! (Entry 25)

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PostSubject: Exposed! (Entry 25)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:58 am

Date: January 26th, 2005

Dearest Diary

I don't even know where to begin in updating you from the events of the last eight days so as always I will start at the beginning.

Edward never returned my calls surprise surprise!

He returned four days later and began to go on regular hunts, taking as much precautions as possible to avoid eating the Swan girl.

Esme is glad to have Edward home, she was hurt that he left so sudden, she understood why he did it though. I could see now how hurt Esme would have been if I ran away all those years ago rather than return home.

I don't hold a grudge against Edward how could I hold a grudge against family, I have accepted him no tact and all.

I was glad when Edward returned home, I was worried about him. I know the Denali's would never harm him, but I felt better having him close so I can watch over him.

Edward, Emmett and I went hunting the day before yesterday. I did my best to keep my thoughts to myself and avoid placing strain on Edward. He is already suffering so much from the swan girl's presence.

Edward returned to school with us the day before yesterday and there it began, the swan girl was eyeing Edward like a moth to a flame. I watched the Swan girl with curiosity, see, humans have this powerful instinct for survival, they may not understand the instinct and will often dismiss it as thinking they dislike people like us, because of our uniqueness, but that is actually their human survival instinct telling them to run for the hills.

The point I am trying to make is, normal humans do not approach us because it's their instincts telling them to run the other way.

I could see Bella's eyes with my enhanced sight, the distance did not hinder me at all and I saw something alarming..... I saw no fear in her eyes, but I did see something else.

I looked into Edwards eyes and I also saw something unusual, I could see he hated the Swan girl, but I saw something else like a spark.

This was very unusual, Edward's interest is peeked. I wonder what it means, could it be he has.....no that's impossible it's not that. I need to get a grip, I am seeing things. He sees Bella as a human happy meal nothing else I am sure of that.

Edward, however, did something yesterday that is unacceptable he exposed us!. We were at school and one of the humans, what was his name, oh yes, it was Tyler Crowley. He lost control of his van and almost turned the Swan girl into a pancake. Tyler's van was about to crash into Bella and her ugly truck. She survived, your asking how she survived right?

Ok I will tell you how. Edward saved Bella by stopping the van with his strength. I don't believe it, how could he be so foolish, he exposed not just himself, but our entire family.

I drove Alice, Jasper & my Emmett home, while Edward went straight to the hospital with Bella. I dropped off my family & husband at home so they could tell Esme and I drove straight to the hospital.

I found Edward in the waiting room and pulled him up on his actions. he debated this naturally. He claims no one will believe her, if she told anyone and I reminded him this was not just about him, but our entire family.

I wanted to continue my point, believe me, I had a lot of good points to make, but Carlisle pointed out we should take our discussion to his office. I looked around and saw her I shot her a threatening look. Carlisle and I went to his office where he tried to calm me down, but I would not hear a word of it .

I waited impatiently for Edward to finish his discussion with the Bella. Edward finally joined us he explained the conversation he had with Bella and I asked him about the next time she wanted answers. Carlisle suggested the excuse of an adrenaline rush.

That's all very well, but I asked what about the evidence of the hand print left in poor Tyler's van. Edward looked stumped as to what to do about that, I sighed and told him I would clean that up. But it would be the last time.

I left Edward and Carlisle in a rage and went to the car lot. I waited until it was clear and then got rid of the evidence of Edward's hand print.

Then I returned home to be with Emmett. We went for a walk to the clearing. I enjoyed being at the clearing alone with Emmett we spoke a bit and Emmett told me Jasper's is also furious about Edward exposing us. I asked Emmett what he thought and he told me he did not know what to think, he does know he is not to fond of Bella.

Emmett hugged me from behind reassuring me. He told me not to worry about it that our secret is safe. I received a text message from Jasper telling me Edward was home.

Emmett and I went home and we went to see what Edward would do about Bella. The entire family was gathered and I asked Edward what he planned to do about Bella. He told us he would follow Bella around for the day and hear the thoughts of everyone around her to see if she would expose us. That seemed to satisfy the family, but I still did not like it. I left Edward and everyone else and went to sit on the roof to calm down. Emmett came and kept me company, not too long after leaving everyone and held me in his big strong arms. I found myself calming down as I sat in his lap and felt safe.

I loved it when Emmett held me and kissed me it felt like bliss like cloud 9 as the human's of today's world would say. Emmett and I are going back to the clearing now to spend some alone time together. I want to forget about our problem with the Swan girl at least for a little while.

~Rosalie Hale
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Exposed! (Entry 25)
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