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 Lies, truth and the Unexpected

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PostSubject: Lies, truth and the Unexpected   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:00 am

I don't know what to do....I am afraid
Date: may 18th, 2009

Dear Diary

I am stunned a lot has happened in the short period of three days I am left in shock I tried to wait up for Brian, but ended up falling asleep when I woke up Brian was sitting next to me on the bed with his arm under me he told me I slept the entire day away. I was shocked at the fact I slept so long I never slept that long in my life I waited for Brian to yell at me for going ape shit and attacking one of his clients and he said nothing he seemed to be concerned with my recent changes in behaviour and sleeping pattern. I looked at Brian as he spoke I did not catch the words I was too enticed by his breath it smelt so sweet the scent was enticing it was like the scent of that jerk back in the office. I lost control and I kissed Brian passionately he seemed surprised at my actions and kissed me back he pulled back, I did not want him to stop I needed more of that sweet scent in my mouth. I begged Brian not to stop he looked at me anxious and ripped off my uniform and pulled off his clothing my body let out a shiver of anticipation or at least I think it was from anticipation it could have been from his unnatural cold skin. Brian moved in to kiss me and I stopped I noticed something red on his chin it was dry I asked Brian what the red stuff was and he told me it was strawberry jam. I sniffed the jam it smelt really good I wondered if that was where the sweet scent was coming from I leaned up and sucked the red area of Brian's chin I got all the jam and I moaned it was like a party in my mouth and everyone, but Justin Beiber was invited. Brian looked at me in horror for a few moments and said I really turned him on, I smiled if me eating strawberry jam turned him on, then he should wait until I grab the whipcream and make a chocolate sunday out of him.

Brian kissed me passionately and we made love his was so rough and powerful it hurt, but it hurt in a good way he was like a wild animal. Brian again cut my neck and sucked the blood out, I let out a moan it felt draining, but it also felt good like bliss. Brian stopped and looked at me his lips were red with my blood I was too lost in the passion to care that he had just drained my blood. I leaned up and kissed him I could taste bits of my own blood in my mouth and it was incredible. I wanted more and thrusted my tongue into his mouth rubbing my tongue on his and getting bits of my blood that was on his tongue. Brian finally finished and laid beside me he wrapped his arm around me and hugged me. Brian stayed close my entire body was cold, but I did not care feeling Brian's touch it made all my cares vanish he is my own private world and I loved that. Brian and I eventually got up and went to the kitchen as usual my body was stiff it was like I had spent the day carrying a statue on my back. He asked me what I wanted to eat for breakfast I told him I wanted toast with that strawberry Jam Brian looked at me with those concerned eyes again and told me we were out and I pouted it was so delicious I wanted more. I decided on getting two minute noodles and waited for it to cook.

I waited and waited and ignored Brian's cautious glances. Finally the noodles were done and I poured the soup into a bowl I leaned against the counter waiting for the soup to cool a little Brian and I were still naked and he came to me and lifted me on the counter and had wrapped his arms around my neck and asked me how I felt. I thought about it and told him I was hungry really really Hungry. I pushed him back weakly and picked up the bowel and began to skull it down I was just so Hungry. I finally finished and I felt my stomach growl I thought about the noodles that I ate and realized how disgusting the noodles were and how awful it tasted my stomach felt really upset and I jumped off the counter and ran outside the kitchen balcony I knew I would not make it to the bathroom. I started to throw up repeatedly I felt really sick "DAMN NOODLES" I yelled I could hear Brian speak about not needing to see that.

It felt like I was throwing up forever but it was only five minutes before I finally felt better. I asked Brian if he wanted to kiss me and he said "Hell no" I smiled and went upstairs I washed my mouth out and then my teeth and had a shower Brian joined me in the shower and asked me how I was feeling I told him I was better now that he was here with me and really I was. Brian and I finished our shower and we got dressed together He sat me down in the lounge room and told me there was something he had to tell me. What Brian told me changed my entire world he lied to me and then he told the truth wait for it because you wont believe this.

Brian is a vampire.....

I was in shock He told me everything his life story...it was sad Brian is two hundred and sixty four years old His family were slaves owned by a very powerful mining family Brian's family worked in the mines and he grew up as a slave one evening he ran away and hid in the mines thinking it would be the last place anyone would look for him it was in the mines he found a vampire that bit and infected him...after his change Brian went savage he killed everyone the people who owned his family, the rest of the slaves even his own family. He was all alone when he went through what was called the Newborn years. Brian told me that the voltori were also vampires and not just any vampires, but royalty I did not know if I could handle anymore information it would feel like my skull would implode with knowledge I mean at least I now know why he cut me and drank my blood and here I was thinking he was kinky.I decided I had to know why, why was he telling me all this now and I asked him? He told me that my behaviour is not normal that he has somehow infected me with something that I was sleeping all the time and eating and drinking blood....craving it too. I asked him when I ate blood and he told me that the jam was not jam, but the blood of the guy I attacked.

I regained enough of my senses to ask what happened to that guy, Brian looked at me and told me he killed him I asked him why and he said "Because he touched you. No one, but me can touch you you belong to me" I was shocked I had never heard Brian speak in such a possessive way before. I was quiet for the longest of time and he asked me to talk I told him it was a lot to deal with this. He was oblivious asking what was there to deal with and I told him "Lets see the Man I love is a vampire, who has just admitted he committed murder because an asshole cupped my ass, I am also craving blood I could be sick with some sort of illness oh yeah and I have committed necrophilia not once but over two times and unlike Buffy I had no Idea I was committing it at the time" I could see Brian's face light up when I said I loved him it then went to confusion when I referenced Buffy. Brian finally understood and I told him I was going to my room and wanted some alone time. I knew this was hurting him he probably felt rejected, but I am afraid I don't know what this means for me I dont Understand what was happening to me. I actually fell asleep and Woke up today I stared at the ceiling wondering what to do, I felt hungry....really hungry I sat up and gasped when I looked to my stomach I had this bump...I let out a scream and within seconds Brian entered the room his eyes widen when he saw the bump in my stomach I was in shock. Brian sat beside me and for the longest time silence was between us he finally announced he was going to call one of his contacts. I am sitting alone in my room now afraid and knocked up again....figures this would happen to me My stupidity always gets me into this sort of messes. I just hope that this little one learns from it's parent's mistake and uses contraception.

~Sarah Frost
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Lies, truth and the Unexpected
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