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  My choice

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PostSubject: My choice   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:01 am

Humanity may be weak, but don't you dare underestemate our resolve
Date: may 19th, 2009

Dear Diary

Here I am with a choice of who gets to live my unborn child or my own life how do I choose? Before I can answer you need to understand, the events that took place that has led me to this predicament I am indeed pregnant or as some of the classy people may say knocked up Brian returned shortly after my last entry and asked if I was alright I was silent and wondered if he seriously asked me if I was alright I have just discovered that I am dating a vampire and now I am knocked up my eyebrow twitched as I answered "Peechy" Sarcasem could be heard in my voice, but it was mostly fear I saw Brian flinch and saw how he too was affected by this I had sympathy for him, but right now it was very low I was more concerned about being knocked up with vampire spawn and what this meant for me. Brian told me he called some of his Friends to see what he could find out and a few would be arriving within the next few weeks. Some would be arriving in a few days he also called Aro the king of the vampires. I felt my heart skip a beat from fear remembering the stories Brian told me about the voltori Brian told me it was alright that Aro, Marcus and the twins would be arriving to see how they can assist us I asked him why when he had just broken one of the unbreakable laws. Brian of course told me to calm down and told me that Aro would want to collect our child I hissed out out of reflex and Brian looked at me in a dirty look and I firmly told him No. That pervert gets me knocked up and tells me Aro wants to collect my child then wants sex he is seriously dreaming.

I ignored his glance and placed my hand on that bump. He told me that our child would not be the first hybrid to walk the earth that in fact there were two others in existence I interrupted Brian and asked him that he knew that a hybrid was possible before this and he still did not use protection. Brian nodded and I called him an asshole Brian chuckled and continued the story I did not interrupt as he told me of the newest hybrid one that was born three years ago her name is Renesme Cullen and her and her entire family were nearly slaughtered on December 31st of 2006 the Voltori arrived with their entire army to pass judgement on the Cullens and had even brought along witness to see the slaughter. I asked Brian how he knew this and Brian told me he was one of the witnesses for the Voltori. I looked at him shocked and he continued his story of how the Cullens and their extended coven and allies out numbered the Voltori. Brian told me how disappointed Aro was and that he thought the Cullen girl would make a rare addition in his collection if he had her, but now that I was expecting Aro would see this as a second chance to get something to collect. I did not know what to say I told Brian that I am not giving our child up to some king that he could kiss my ass that It would be a cold day in hell before I gave my child up.

Brian looked at me surprised and told me he felt the same way. I smiled and held his hand and tried to pull him closer and he moved closer to me on the couch he placed his hand on my stomach and gently over my little bump Brian told me that the pregnancy will be hard and that I could die from it if I am not careful I did not expect that to be told. So here I am with the choice what's my path....I choose the baby of course was it even a choice at all? I will not lose another child there is nothing I wont do for this child I would do anything to protect it. With that choice made I asked Brian about the friends that would be coming over. He told me one of them was an interior decorator he would be hiring to convert the spare bedroom into a Nursery. I asked Brian how did he know I would choose to keep the child and he said he could read me like a book. He leaned in to kiss my neck and moved his way down I rolled my eyes and told him no. He asked why not and I told him I felt hungry. Brian looked at me and pleaded and I told him no he asked me why not and I told him it was penalty for getting me knocked up and he frowned. I smiled and climbed on top of his cold lap and sat there we kissed passionately for a moment and I hugged him the next thing I knew I was in my bed with Brian laying beside me watching me.

We spoke for a while I asked him about vampires and learned they don't melt in sunlight, but sparkle and that they don't sleep either. I asked him then how was it he was sleeping after we made love and he told me he was faking. I was shocked and tried to punch him It's one thing to be grope when your asleep its another to fake sleeping and grope. Brian caught my fist and kissed it I frowned and moved on from my anger. My boyfriend the horny perv. I told Brian I was feeling hungry and he asked me what I wanted to eat and I told him to surprise me so he left and now im here waiting for him. I wonder what he will bring me hopefully something good.

~Sarah Frost
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My choice
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