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 Brian's song; a new day has come

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PostSubject: Brian's song; a new day has come   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:02 am

Voltori or not Watch their manners or ill Kick their ass!
Date: may 21st, 2009

What can I say it's been two days since my last entry I have been feeling pretty tied Brian came home with dinner and an extra guest an Australian tourist by the looks of it the guy was kind of chubby I wondered why Brian brought him and when I asked why he was here Brian told me he was my dinner I gave him a skeptical look and he laughed he said "Im just fucking with ya" he pulled out a Burger King bag from behind his bag and I sighed out of relief I walked to get the bag the closer I got the more I could smell the sweet scent of the human. I glanced at the human he seemed afraid and he had good reason to be afraid he was moments from death and I suspect he knew that. I sniffed the strange man Brian looked at me curiously and I made a choice "tell you what I will give you the burger king and I will get chubby how about that" He told me to forget it that this was his meal I flipped him off and told him that I was eating for two now and no hamburger would satisfy me, besides this child is half vampire it is probably feeding off my blood so I should replenish. Brian grumbled It seemed I had a new weapon under my belt bring up the baby card and he folds. Brian was lucky he did not gamble or he would be screwed. At least I don't think he gambles I should ask him about that later. Brian used his nail and cut into the guys neck and the blood poured out the beautiful red liquid gushed and I heard the guy whimpered. Brian gagged the guy and held him down for me to feed off. I sucked on the warm blood it was delicious it was just so incredible I could not stop I could hear Brian speak "Damn girl this is really turning me on" He used one hand to push my head deeper into the wound I did not care the blood was amazing I wanted more...no I needed more It was just magnificent.

I could have continued to drink the blood forever, but I kept hearing Brian to ask me to leave him some I stepped away gasping I moved back and sat on the couch gasping for air I was in shock at the monstous act I had committed the funny thing was I felt no remorse at all. I had just done something that would make most people throw up, but me I want to go back for seconds like the chubby guy was a buffet. Brian eventually finished the guy and dropped him on the floor dead I watched the corpse get dragged away by Brian a few minutes latter Brian returned and sat beside me he sucked the blood from my lips and licked my lips "that was so incredibly hot Damn babygirl you're the perfect woman" I rolled my eyes up and Brian chuckled as he placed his hand on my leg and moved it closer to my personal space I told him no that he was still under penalty and he frowned.

Brian and I ended up talking I told him that I held no grudges towards him for lying to me and that I did not blame him. He smiled and told me he figured as much he just wanted to know when penalty time would be over. Brian was so sex crazed like an addict I asked him if he was this way with all his old girlfriends and he told me that I was his first, up until he met me he was a virgin. I could not help, but laugh I deflowered a vampire Brian of course told me to shut up that it was not funny. Brian asked questions about me like stuff I liked to do. I told him that I liked playing the keyboard and guitar and sing that music was my passion. Brian listened and hugged me I rested against him and he asked me if I could sing him a song so I sung him one of my favourite songs Like a Prayer by Madonna it was a good song very old she could probably redo it now make it more modern or something. I think I fell asleep while singing to him I woke up yesterday morning surprised and Brian chuckled we were still in the living room only there was a blanket wrapped around me completely and a really expensive looking keyboard in front of me all set up I asked Brian how he got it and he told me right after I went to sleep he returned to town and bought me the best keyboard he also picked up a meal for me to have later during the day. I thanked Brian for the gift and he said there was no problem.

Brian asked if he was still under penalty and I nodded my head he let out a groan and I giggled....I actually giggled I think it's because he looked so amusing he was like a child. I told him I would write a song for him. Brian perked up and he said he could not wait he told me he felt so inspired by listening to me sing I blushed and he moved in to sniff my scent and moaned. Brian took me outside to the beach and I saw him in sunlight for the first time it was amazing he was sparkling it was like he had thousands apon thousands of diamonds embedded into his skin. Brian removed all of his clothing and ran into the water I undressed and went into the water joining him we swam together the entire time he stayed close to me so protective and loyal he reminded me of a German shepherd the police dogs that would protect their partners No matter what. I told Brian I loved him and he smiled and kissed me back. We have known each other for a short time, but in the short time we have had so far we have had a lifetime worth of love and experience's. During the swim Brian had his arms around me he was so playful, but that stopped fast and he looked dead serious he told me he could smell the scent of Aro and a few others in the wind that they were coming earlier than expected. He carried me out of the water and back inside we showered together and he told me it was strange I asked him why and Brian told me that while vampires had amazing enhanced senses he should not have been able to smell them from that distance.

Brian and I finished our shower and dried off we got dressed and he sat me down in the living room he told me he would have to go to town and buy some blood from the blood bank I asked him why and he told me the voltori would probably be thirsty. I frowned and watched him go. So I picked up a pen and paper and walked to the keyboard and thought about my life before Brian and how it was now that I had him the lyrics came to me so suddenly in a swift of genius. So the course lyrics are

I see a light in the sky
Oh, it's almost blinding me
I can't believe
I've been touched by an angel with love
Let the rain come down and wash away my tears
Let it fill my soul and drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun

A new day has...come
Where it was dark now there's light
Where there was pain now there's joy
Where there was weakness, I found my strength
All in the eyes of a boy

Its true I did find my strength in Brian's eyes he is my babyboy. Just as I am his babygirl I played the keys and figured out the music to go with the song I composed for Brian I waited and waited for him to come home I began to feel hungry so I ate the cold burger from Burger King I did not feel confident to kill the human heck I couldn't even find the person I wonder where Brian stuffed him. I shrugged it off and sat on the couch and waited eventually I fell asleep I woke up this morning and found myself in my room Brian was not at my side which was unusual I wondered how I got to my room. I walked out to the living room to investigate and maybe find clues I stopped dead to see Brian sitting with the Voltori Brian stood up and walked to me He hugged me and kissed my forehead I asked him what took him so long and he said that something came up at the office. Aro stood up with Marcus, those twin children and another vampire one I have never seen before stood up this vampire olive complexion with a chalky pallor, and dark hair that reaches his shoulders. I looked alarmed at the vampire and Aro could see my panic he spoke "don't fret it's only Demetri a member of my guard." I looked at Aro as he walked to me I felt alarmed. I placed his hand out to my stomach and he asked if he could touch it I told him "Only if you want to be called stumpy" Aro looked at me surprised wondering why I had such malice in my attitude Brian gently nudged me and asked Aro to excuse my attitude telling him I was not a morning person.

I frowned and allowed him to touch my stomach He kept his hand there for a while and I could see him making a strange face he looked uncomfortable the female twin moved eagerly to Aro worried and he eventually stepped back shocked Brian asked him what was wrong and Aro told us that he had the ability to hear every thought a person had ever had, but when he touched me not only did hear every thought I ever had, but he felt it. He told me he did not feel that the last time he touched me. Aro excused himself and asked if he could have some time to speak to Marcus and the others and converse with them. I snapped I asked if he was seriously kidding that he would kick out Brian and I from our home I continued into my rant until Brian placed his hand over my mouth and excused my outburst blaming it on hunger. He carried me into my room and I gave him a peice of my mind he listened to my rant and frowned.

Brian stood up and left the room for a moment and returned with the keyboard and asked me to perform for him I told him I was too infuriated and he pleaded with me. I caved in under Brian's blood red puppy dog eyes how could I refuse the one who I loved so much. I set up the keys to sound like a Piano tone and told Brian this song was written based on my feelings for him. I began to play and sing for him the entire time watching him he seemed to be in awe like he had just realized something life changing I continued to play and heard something coming from the door. I saw it was Marcus and Aro and like Brian they seemed to be in awe I ignored them and continued to sing and play I turned to Brian and concentrated on him I played the keyboard and the song finished. Brian seemed to be stunned "your theory is right her gift has grown even more powerful than last time." I heard Marcus speak. I looked back at Marcus and he smiled at me his smile was so warm and he seemed to have some life back in him a lot more life than what we first met he no longer seemed to be a zombie at least not completely. "That was a wonderful performance so inspiring and passionate" Marcus spoke Aro agreed and they excused themselves again.

Brian stood up and I looked at him he came to me and wrapped his big strong arms around me into a hug and did not let go "thank you babygirl that was an amazing song." he bent down to kiss my lips and I kissed him back. He stroked my hair until I told him I was hungry Brian left in a flash to go get me my meal and here I am writing to you anxious over the Voltori's decision.

~Sarah Frost

Brian's Song
I always Imagined sarah's voice to sound like this i think its an amazing and beautiful song

Song is actually
A new day has come by Celine Dion
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Brian's song; a new day has come
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