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 Safe....for now (Entry 26)

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PostSubject: Safe....for now (Entry 26)   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:03 am

Date: January 26th 2005

Dearest Diary

This is going to be a short entry as Emmett and I have a lot of plans today, but the important thing is we have survived....our secret is safe for now.

Edward followed Bella around the entire day, he can't read her mind for some reason, but he could read the minds of those around her. She told no one. I am thankful for that, but I also know this will not be the last of Bella Swan.

She has seen far too much, the human girl will ask questions on how Edward saved her. The real question is, will Bella know what's good for her and keep away from us?

I have been watching Edward during school today. It's true I could not watch him in class since I am a senior, but I have been watching him at lunch and I can see his attention is focused on Bella he watches her so intently...I begin to suspect Edward is indeed having feelings of affection for her. Jasper told Edward that it's best to keep himself clear of Bella, but I doubt Edward will listen to that advice.

Edward Cullen has never been one to listen to the advice of others. I mean look at his hair, for over fifty years I have been telling him to take pride in his appearance, but he shrugs it off and continues to go around as an untidy man. I have actually stopped giving him advice it's just too exhausting to nag him about something he will never change. Edward snapped at me today on the drive home from school.

I asked Edward what his plans were to deal with Bella and he told me in these words "you really should stop obsessing with this Rosalie and mind your own business." I folded my arms and found myself offended by Edward. He later appologised to me, but I shrugged him off, instead Emmett and I went to the clearing and we spent some time together.

I was afaid not just for Edward, but for all of us. Edward was too close to breaking one of our laws the law of secrecy. No human can ever learn the existance of vampires. True they know of vampires, but they know us only as a myth, that is the way the Voltori set it up. The Voltori are an Italian coven of vampires that are considered royalty amongst our species. They are the keepers of our law and are unforgiving.....as the Denali's learned the hard way.

The Voltori is led by three ancient vampires, Caius a man who is as cold hearted as his skin, Marcus a man who has suffered the greatest tragedy a vampire could ever come across and finally the most dangerous one of all, Aro, the man with two faces. Now Aro doesn't have two faces, but he is fake he acts all friendly and nice, but in reality is a cold hearted collector. He collects talented vampires to increase his guard. He is not one to be underestimated!

I have learned about the Voltori from Carlisle's lectures back in my newborn years and from Tanya. The Voltori wanted to wipe out the Denali coven because of Tanya's mother, she broke the law by creating an immortal child. You can never can you turn an infant into a vampire, it will only bring chaos, because their minds will forever be at that age that they are turned and never developed.

Caius insisted of Tanya and her sister's death, but they were spared in the end thanks to their ignorance of their mother's action. This happened a long long time ago way before I ever became a vampire. Still Tanya and her sisters suffer the loss of their mother.

I don't want to lose Edward he may be a grouch, but he is family. I told Emmett of my fears and Emmett just hugged me and said it would be awesome to get into a fight with Felix. I sighed, Emmett is always a little over energetic, always wanting to fight with someone. I do my best of course to exhaust some of that never ending energy. It usually ends with us needing a new house. I don't really mind and it gives Esme something to do.

I really should go now Emmett and I are going Hiking this afternoon and maybe we might thin out the forest if you catch my drift.

~Rosalie Hale
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Safe....for now (Entry 26)
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